Who we are

CaviarEat: The Art of Caviar in Its Purest Form

Welcome to the kingdom of CaviarEat, where passion meets tradition in an unparalleled sensorial journey. For over 25 years, we have been the custodians of a legacy that celebrates the richness and exclusivity of caviar, a timeless delicacy. With meticulous dedication, we select for you the most exquisite caviar, destined to transform every table into a stage of sublime and refined flavours.

Tradition and Innovation: An Inestimable Combination

At the heart of CaviarEat, Italian culinary tradition blends harmoniously with innovation, giving life to products that embody excellence. Our selection, the result of careful curation, includes legendary varieties such as Caviar Beluga, Caviar Huso Dauricus, Caviar Royal Baerii, Caviar Royal Kaluga, Caviar Royal Oscietra and Caviar Schrenkii Imperial. Each variety is an invitation to discover a universe of unparalleled taste, freshness and quality.

Commitment to Sustainability: A Duty Towards the Future

At CaviarEat, we fervently embrace the cause of sustainability. Our philosophy is based on collaboration with partners who share our vision of responsible fishing, committed to protecting the marine environment. This approach allows us to offer you products that not only delight the palate, but also embody an ethical and responsible commitment to our planet.

A Team of Masters: The CaviarEat Symphony

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Roberto Ugolini CEO and Founder, our team is a fusion of talents and passions, united by a common goal: excellence. Each member of our team embodies dedication to quality and customer service, working in perfect harmony to ensure that every detail of our service is a reflection of our passion.

Expansion and New Horizons: An Invitation to Excellence

With an ambition aimed at expanding into the Italian market, CaviarEat is looking for sales agents who embody our spirit and vision.

We invite you to find out more

To immerse yourself in the CaviarEat universe, visit our website. For any information or to further explore our world, contact us via email at info@caviareat.com or call us at +393515111273. Follow us on our social channels for continuous updates on our latest creations and news.

CaviarEat is not simply a name; it is an experience, a journey through the quintessence of taste and elegance. We are waiting for you to share this passion together.