Osetra Caviar

Bowl with delicious black caviar and ice-cubes, closeup

Gloria Swanson, famous Hollywood silent film actress, was known for her predilection for Osetra caviar. She prepared special canapés with toasted bread cut into circles, spreading Osetra caviar on top, mincing the yolk of a hard-boiled egg on top, adding a thin layer of finely chopped onion, and for those who liked it, a transparent slice of lemon. She topped it all off with chopped hard-boiled egg white and paper-thin slices of tomato.

Cary Grant, an actor known for his elegance, used to consume Osetra caviar at five o’clock in the afternoon during his stay in the Principality of Monaco to film “Thief Hunt” in 1955. During the wedding between Grace Kelly and Prince Ranieri III on 19 April 1956, Osetra caviar was served to the guests, paired with champagne.

Monte Carlo, with its history of luxury and glamour, is an emblematic place for caviar consumption. The Principality of Monaco, under Prince Charles III, became famous for its luxurious palaces and lush gardens, while retaining the glamour of the Italian Riviera.

Sensory Characteristics of Osetra Caviar:

Colour: Varies from dark grey to light grey, up to golden for very mature specimens. The golden color is more valuable because of the longer time needed for its production.
Appearance: Eggs with a diameter of 2.5 mm, with homogeneous colour and good firmness.
Smell: Fruity and hazelnut sensations, with a less evident sweet note than other types of caviar.
Texture: Silky, with compact eggs and a slightly stronger membrane than Beluga caviar.
Flavour: Predominantly hazelnut and buttery, with a slight earthy and sweet note reminiscent of lobster and butter.

Osetra hybrids include crosses between different species of sturgeon, leading to unique characteristics in the resulting caviar.

Pairings for Osetra Caviar:

Classic pairings include high quality vodka and champagne, preferably made from free-standing vines. For a less traditional pairing, you can opt for wines such as Puligny Montrachet premier cru, Chablis Grand Cru or a dry vinified Zibibbo. The food pairings follow the same classic lines as caviar, such as bliny or boiled potatoes cut into thin slices. A personal pairing could be lobster medallions passed in hazelnut butter and served with a teaspoon of Osetra caviar on top. A further proposal includes scallop flambé with Armagnac, served with a walnut of goose foie gras and a teaspoon of Osetra caviar.

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