Why caviar is so expensive and what it is special for

There are many types of premium foods and recipes that we can find all over the world. However, nothing is quite as popular as caviar, which is considered to be one of the most luxurious meals you can serve on the table. Also, not so many people get the chance to enjoy this meal that often due to its extremely high price. There are some cheaper options too, but only the special ones based on salmon or sturgeon offer the right quality and taste.

Also, the market is full of shops where you can find all kinds of caviar. Some of them may be surprisingly low in price. Keep in mind that in this case it is more likely that it is a fake or low quality product. If you are interested in buying caviar, the best option is to check out famous stores like Lemberg.

We must remember that there are different types and categories where the price of a 50g can costs you more than 200 euros, or even more in some cases. For example, a premium brand of Beluga caviar could cost over 4,000 euros per 100 grams. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most important details related to this food and the reasons why it is so expensive.

The recipe for this food is quite simple. The fish eggs are collected and salted. However, it cannot be made from any type of fish. When it comes to a premium and original type, it's made out of sturgeon roe. It is a type of fish that lives in Siberian rivers. Also, you need to know that there are still problems with the black market.

There is a law introduced 10 years ago that made it illegal to catch wild fish for this product. There are special farms where the fish is treated in such a way that it does not die after the eggs are collected. The interesting fact is that a sturgeon can live up to 100 years. Maturity is reached after about 10 years.

There are clear steps that must be followed for farmers if they want to get a high quality product. These steps involve waiting for the fish to reach a certain age, which in some cases can even exceed 20 years. After that, it is vital to monitor the fish to make sure they are mature.

When it comes to the traditional method, killing the fish was part of the process. The great thing is that there is now a much more sustainable process where the fish is injected with a special ingredient that forces it to spray the eggs from the body.

This is much more effective as you can collect eggs from the same fish over and over again. When the eggs are ready, the next step is cleaning and then salting. There are different colors and shapes and they are used for categorization. At the end of the preparation, the manufacturer will pasteurize the package and seal it.

First, not all types of caviar are very expensive. You can find cans that cost under 30 pounds for 50 grams. However, you need to know that these cheap products are not made from the same type of fish, but rather from some types of salmon and trout. The traditional and well-known method involves the breeding of sturgeon eggs.

As the type of sturgeon becomes more unique and of higher quality, the price will also increase. For example, the one made with the typical Siberian Osetra will cost you around 60 euros for a 30 gram can, while the price is much higher for premium types like Kaluga and Beluga, where you will have to spend more than 100 euros for 30 gram pack. .

The main reason why the price is so high is related to the difficult production process. First, harvesting is quite difficult as not all fish they catch will be of the right age to spawn. Additionally, there is a limited time during the year that they spawn in the first place.

When a farmer starts this business, it will take at least 10 years for the fish to be ready. Also, there is a limited area where you can breed this fish in the right conditions, which is Siberia. Another reason is related to the unique taste that cannot be obtained from any other type of fish.

This food is very healthy thanks to the high amount of vitamins D, A, B and C. In addition, there are other essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, magnesium and others. It contains healthy fats and amino acids along with some nutrients. However, it is important to limit the serving as there are also high amounts of sodium and cholesterol.

This is the main reason why it is often served in a small portion that rarely contains more than 30 grams. It has a strong and unique taste. The best serving method is to serve cold in a can with ice. You can add a little lemon on the side. One of the most common types of serving is with bread and butter. You can add some dressing, along with olives and hard-boiled eggs.

Finally, we must also mention supply and demand, which is also one of the reasons for such a high price. It is considered to be one of the most luxurious foods you can serve, and its high popularity is also leading to higher value.

You should learn more about the production process and the different types of eggs that can be used for it. This will help you avoid the situation where you will pay a lot more for caviar made with trout or salmon as these types are much cheaper.

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