CAVIAR and the nutritional benefits for athletes

Food and nutrition play a very important role in exercise, especially bodybuilding exercise. Bodybuilding is also a scientific sport and all efforts do not lead to practice, but nutrition is also responsible for a large percentage of the work.

Caviar is one of the best muscle building foods, it may not be the first food on an athlete's mind, but if muscle building is to be done, it can be the best source of needed protein.

Caviar rich in minerals

Caviar is one of the nutrients of this food in low volumes of very high nutrients because the growth and development in the first days of life is a lot of food that has the highest density of energy and nutrients. It is important to grow properly and stay safe from natural hazards so that all the nutrients are in the sturgeon eggs. This is why these eggs are packed with nutrients. Sturgeon eggs are rich in all nutrients.

In a cup of caviar equivalent to 115 grams of it, 145 IU of vitamin A, 0.3 mg of vitamin E, 8 mcg of folate, 37 IU of vitamin D, 0.6 mg of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), 6 , 78 mg of choline, 2.3 mcg of vitamin B12, 44 mg of calcium, 1.9 mg of iron, 48 mg of magnesium, 57 mg of phosphorus, 29 mg of potassium, 0.2 There is one milligram of zinc and 10.5 mcg of selenium.

Risks of using omega-3 tablets

The benefits of oil Omega 3 cannot be overlooked, but according to recent scientific researchers, the tablets from fish oil known as omega-3s can have a lot of harm to the body and it is best to avoid their consumption.Many experts and doctors talk about the benefits of using fish oil And Omega 3 for the human body and there is practically no question about this, but getting this substance through tablets Existing ones they can be harmful to the body. Scientists have found that the fatty acids in these pills are the main cause of noticeable side effects such as nasal bleeding and diarrhea . Scientists have found signs of increased health in the eyes, brain and heart after examining the Omega 3 natural present in marine aquatics. And the people who took pills of omega-3 they had virtually none of these symptoms.

Consumption of caviar instead of omega-3 tablets

Caviar contains healthy nutrients such as polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to the muscle-building flow in the body from the integrity of muscle fibers, as well as the natural omega-3s found in caviar to reduce inflammation and support health. joints, both important for athletic efficiency.

Caviar, rich in iron

Caviar is rich in iron, receiving high iron nutrients is essential for athletes. If you are physically active on a regular basis and sweat a lot, your body needs a lot of iron. Try to provide this very important mineral through the consumption of caviar.

Caviar, a source of vitamin D.

Caviar is also an excellent source of Vitamin D, with 28 grams of which has 33 IU of Vitamin D. It is considered to be a great and fast source of this vitamin. It is very important in building muscles.It causes better musculoskeletal performance and has a direct relationship between vitamin D deficiency and sports injuries.The oil in caviar can improve pure muscle volume.Any athlete who is deficient in vitamin D if the amount of this important vitamin at the desired level will surely face significant improvements in its performance, agility and overall health.

Caviar, rich in potassium

Caviar is a major source of potassium in nature. The consumption of this mineral reduces nervousness and consequently increases the vitality and mobility in the individual. Attention to potassium consumption among athletes is very important. Potassium deficiency affects muscles and nerves first. Lack of potassium lowers stored glycogen levels. This can reduce the athlete's mobility by rapidly reducing energy and causing severe muscle weakness and fatigue.

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