Beluga caviar or Sevruga Malossol?

Although diehard purists will always argue that there is only one true caviar, more modern connoisseurs now admit that there are many other tasty alternatives to traditional and expensive Caspian sturgeon caviar. Nothing can ever replace the soft buttery flavor of a nice Beluga, but there are many that will come close.

Russian Beluga 000 Malossol caviar

The most luxurious pearl in the Caspian Sea, Russian Beluga caviar is the epitome of culinary sophistication. The Triple Zero “000” denotes the mark of excellence, the lightest colored eggs available; 'Malossol' speaks of the characteristic minimum salting used to preserve the original flavor of this delicate caviar. Beluga has large, pearlescent eggs, a shimmering light gray, with a fine skin highly prized for its soft, buttery texture, and a rich, subtle flavor that melts in the mouth, resulting in caviar's most sublime indulgence.
Classic Sevruga caviar malossol

Of all the sturgeon species, the sevruga reproduces the fastest, and therefore is much more available, which results in lower market prices for this delicious caviar. You'll find these small, delicate black eggs are a treat to bite into, with a crunchy texture. While other caviars melt in the mouth, the sevruga playfully crackles and opens with a more intense flavor. Malossol indicates that this caviar has been lightly salted to preserve its original flavor.

Russian classic gray Sevruga caviar malossol
Sevruga Malossol Russian caviar
Golden Osetra Caviar Malossol

It's not Beluga, but this really is the next best thing. Among the high-end caviar, the golden osetra is a strong contender for the title of "best caviar in the world". This rare caviar is worth its golden grains in gold, at prices that rival the finest Beluga caviar. While the Beluga is smooth and the Sevruga is intense, the Golden Osetra flavor has hints of nuts and fruit. It is prepared with Malossol, that is, with "a little salt".

Osetra Russian caviar malossol

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