Beluga caviar the most famous in the world.

The most famous caviar in the world with an unmistakable taste.

Beluga caviar comes from the largest freshwater fish in the world. Beluga caviar is not only rare, it is also considered by gourmets to be the best caviar in the world. Its exquisite taste is incomparable. The grain gently explodes on the tongue, then opens the exceptionally creamy and fine touch in the mouth. This unique combination of texture and taste makes it the most popular among caviar lovers.

The beluga sturgeon can reach nine meters in length for a ton and a half of weight and was once also present in Italian waters; today it is the rarest and therefore also the most expensive.

It also lives in the open sea and is the only sturgeon that feeds mainly on fish. It reaches female maturity at around 20 years of age and can supply up to 150 kg of caviar. Generates coarse-grained eggs (greater than 3mm in diameter) with a pearl gray to dark gray color. Beluga caviar is the most expensive variety after Almas caviar.

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