We asked Morales how to serve Caviar

As cold as possible in the refrigerator, Morales says. He recommends avoiding the door, which can be hotter. Lee suggests putting an ice pack in a Pyrex or similar container, then putting caviar on top to keep it very cold. Before breaking them, most jars or cans will last a few months. But once opened, the quality will begin to decline, so plan on eating it pretty quickly.
What is the best way to serve caviar?

Morales often sees people in scarcity mode, who only eat a few beads at a time, but recommends making sure you have enough for a full sip and trying to eat it straight from the back of your hand. This helps heat the caviar to the right temperature and allows you to really enjoy it on your own. At Kachka's happy hour, he serves it spread on challah with butter, which he prefers to the traditional crème fraîche topping, as the latter's acid cuts, rather than enhances, its richness.

Lee likes a traditional approach, with blini and crème fraîche or on oysters, but he also puts it in chawanmushi, scallion pancakes or even in a cream cheese-spread tortilla. "The highbrow-lowbrow combination is where my heart is," he says.

Morales also adds that it's less about what you serve him with and more about how. People focus on crushed ice, he says, and it's one of his annoyances. The cold reduces its flavor, so it is advisable to extract it a few minutes before eating it and leave it at room temperature.
What drinks should I serve with caviar?

As noted above, Lee always drinks champagne with hers, particularly I lean towards blends or an option with a high acidity content, which she likes to balance salinity. His suggestions include Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill, Krug and bottles of Frederic Savart. He also recommends the super cold Korean soju, which is similar to one of Morales' choice of caviar drinks, sake. But Morales' favorite is vodka. "It's super neutral and purifying, so it helps you really taste caviar."

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