Is red caviar a healthy and affordable product?

Which red caviar is the best. Red caviar is a healthy and affordable product.
Of a rather large number of commercial fish salmon families are most often found in pink salmon and salmon stores, this factor being associated with the higher prevalence of these species. The Coho salmon in the background looks quite whimsical, both in name and appearance.

What is the difference between coho salmon and chum salmon?
Chum salmon is quite large in size up to 1 m in length, weighing up to 14 kg. Coho salmon is much smaller: Kamchatka has a length of 60 cm, a weight of 3.5 kg, Alaska reaches dimensions of 85 cm and 6.5 kg. Another feature of the coho salmon is its structure - a very large head with a broad forehead, silver scales which, during spawning, acquire a bright crimson hue.

Coho salmon caviar, unlike other salmon species, is quite small and has a rich dark red color. Its taste is slightly bitter, but in terms of useful properties it takes first place among other species. Chum salmon meat is white and coho salmon is deep red.

What's better than chum or coho salmon?
Residents of the Far East and Kamchatka, connoisseurs and connoisseurs of red fish, really appreciate coho salmon for the unusual taste of the meat. For less competent people it will be interesting to understand which fish is tastier or sea salmon.

Coho salmon is considered a delicacy, which is reflected in its price; can be found in the menu of the most famous restaurants with a fish menu. Its flesh is very juicy and tender with a slight bitterness. If we talk about the beneficial properties and biochemical composition, then the indicators for chum and coho salmon are approximately the same.

Coho salmon is a fatter fish, so it should be used with caution by people with digestive tract problems and diseases. If we talk about which fish is best friend or coho salmon when losing weight, it is necessary to compare their energy value. Chum salmon - 125 kcal, coho salmon - 140 kcal. Tasting preferences are very subjective, so it is difficult to judge culinary preferences, but in the weight loss process, chum is more preferable.

Red salmon caviar is an internationally recognized delicacy. Salmon caviar has a pleasant mild flavor, is nutritious and healthy. In addition, salmon caviar - it is certainly served in the most popular Russian holidays - New Year and Shrovetide. There are many ways to serve caviar, the main rule to remember is that red caviar should be cold when served, even if it goes to hot pancakes! And, of course, it is important to choose the right red caviar.

Useful properties of red caviar
The beneficial properties of red salmon caviar can be discussed at length. Red caviar is one of the most nutritious foods, it has great nutritional value. 100 g of black caviar (granular or pajus) contains 280 calories. And 100 g of red caviar - 270 calories. For comparison: the same amount of medium-fat meat only provides 120 calories. 100 g of milk contains only 70 calories. Useful properties of red caviar also in the fact that it is easily absorbed by the body!

Thus, red caviar - healthy delicacy, which affects the formation of red blood cells in humans, normalizes metabolism and blood sugar, and also regulates cholesterol metabolism. Rich in proteins and fats that can be easily digested, this caviar contains everything that is necessary for the full development and functioning of the human body:

Lecithin which neutralizes bad cholesterol
Vitamins E, D, groups B and A
Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
A protein that provides a full range of amino acids
Interestingly, the one contained in salmon red caviar, the nutrients act intensely on the skin, preventing the aging process and restoring the affected areas.

It should be remembered that caviar, which has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, still contains salt, and therefore people who are prone to edema, suffer from atherosclerosis, hypertension or coronary heart disease are advised to use no more than 2 sandwiches a day. The general recommendation of doctors: red caviar is necessary for our body. Ideal if you use it 1-2 times a week.

Which red caviar is better
Often those who want to buy red caviar are interested in what kind of caviar fish is best. Let's try to figure it out. Salmon caviar or red caviar is prepared with raw salmon caviar: salmon, salmon pink, sima and less often from salmon, coho salmon and chinook salmon. Different salmon roe are different in size and color. If you are wondering which fish is the best caviar and which caviar is best to buy, remember the following information:
size of red caviar - which fish has more
egg diameter 2-3 mm - trout caviar;
egg diameter is 3-5 mm - this is most likely pink salmon caviar, red salmon, coho salmon and sima;
egg diameter 5-7 mm - salmon chum caviar and salmon chinook.
color of red caviar - which fish is more beautiful
salmon pink caviar - orange;
salmon caviar has a pale red color with an orange tint;
red caviar has a bright red color.
On our counters, mainly, there are three types of red salmon caviar:
keta caviar - large eggs of orange color with a red spot and a mild taste;
pink salmon caviar - medium in size, bright orange in color, with a slight aftertaste of bitterness;
sockeye caviar - small eggs of dark red color with a pronounced smell and bitter taste.
Which caviar is better- a moot point, everyone has different tastes, but most are sure the best red caviar is pink and salmon caviarwith a pleasant taste and an orange color with luster. Caviar from the remaining salmon has a more red color and an increased taste of bitterness.
How to choose red caviar
Unfortunately, salmon red caviar is of poor quality. To choose high-quality caviar, you should follow some rules:

How to choose caviar in a can
Do not buy red caviar in tin packaging at all. The tin is a 100% guarantee that there is a lot of liquid inside, the eggs are crushed. Caviar in a can is second-rate at best, at worst it is spoiled caviar or caviar with an excess of preservatives.
You shouldn't buy red caviar not from the refrigerator.
If the red caviar is in the open-type refrigerator, the temperature in it should not be higher than -5. If higher, don't buy!
You have the right to ask the seller for a weighted caviar certificate, if the delivery period is more than a week, it is better not to buy such red caviar.
How to choose caviar by weight
It is easier to choose weighted caviar if you ask the seller to try it. Look at the caviar, smell and try!
The grain of the caviar should be clean, not cloudy in the light, with a small spot of slightly darker color.
The smell of red caviar is the smell of tasty fish caviar has no smell - it is frozen, if you extract strongly from caviar - it is moist or sour.
Red caviar shouldn't taste too salty to taste, now red caviar can be slightly sweet (from the new preservative - Varex).
If it has a sour aftertaste - acidity red caviar. It is better not to buy such a red caviar. You can also determine the quality of the red caviar from the container in which the caviar is located: if a white plaque is visible on the upper edge, the caviar has soured.
Remember that pink salmon caviar is slightly bitter and coho salmon caviar, even when fresh, will most likely seem too bitter.
How to choose caviar in a glass jar
It is worth considering that buying caviar in a jar, you overpay for containers (glass jar, jar with a lock) and the names of pathos.
If you want to buy red caviar in a jar, pay attention to the development and packaging dates - there should be no more than 6 months between them.
Salmon goes to spawning from July to September. This means that the high-quality caviar should be harvested by the beginning of October.
High-quality red caviar when turning the cans should not immediately begin to crawl along the walls, maximum - the eggs will fall on the lid, and then one or two.
If the red caviar crawled immediately when turning, there is too much liquid in it a lot of jus.
Look at the jar with the red caviar in space - there should be no bursting eggs, foreign objects in the caviar.
The red caviar grain should not be cloudy, with a dark spot.
Many people think that buying red caviar is better in glass, as canned garnet salmon caviar retains its qualities longer and is more affordable for retail than barrel red caviar. The large caviar

Many people think that buying red caviar is better in glass, as canned garnet salmon caviar retains its qualities longer and is more affordable for retail than barrel red caviar. Salmon fish grain caviar is divided into 1 and 2 varieties taking into account the condition of the grain, taste, smell of caviar and its salt content:

1st grade caviar should have whole elastic grains, it should not contain film and blood. The salt content in 1st grade caviar is from 4 to 6%, 2nd grade - from 4 to 8%.
Characteristics: caviar of a fish breed; uniform color; strong wheat; pleasant aroma and taste with no extraneous outlets; salty, 4-6% salts; lack of sludge and popped eggs. In red salmon and salmon caviar, heterogeneity of color and a bitter taste are allowed.

How to eat red caviar
If you already know how to choose red caviar, you just have to enjoy it. The soft, mild, moderately salty taste of eggs will give pleasure both in pure form and in dishes. And there is red caviar in several ways.

Red caviar is good in the best Russian traditions with pancakes, potato pancakes or as an amazing aperitif for vodka.

You can serve regular sandwiches with butter and caviar or serve eggs stuffed with caviar.

And you can eat caviar as it is made in Europe, use it in pasta, as a side dish, in sauces, light salads and hot gourmet dishes, or decorate it with canapes with sour cream and also serve simply with cream.

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At all times, red caviar was considered not only a delicious treat, but also particularly useful! And today we will try to figure out which caviar is better - sockeye or salmon.

In production, all caviar is processed in only one known way: granular. First, clean it with a special sieve, in which the diameter of the cells must necessarily coincide with the size of the eggs, then soak in saturated brine for 30 minutes. Filter, preservatives are introduced, packaged in containers.

Ready caviar is divided into two varieties:

Grade 1 is only caviar from one species of fish. It should have the same color and size, freely separated from each other. Foreign odors and taste should be absent. Contains only 4-5% salt.
2nd degree: here it is already allowed to mix different types. It may be wetter and with foreign spots. It already contains 5 to 8% salt.

They belong to the salmon family. But it is difficult to find such a different product from each other than sockeye salmon. Each is unique and has its own particular taste and a storehouse of useful and necessary elements for health.
We will understand their useful qualities, chum has:

Eggs large and of the same size (6 mm.).
Orange color with red reflections.
Delicate taste
Quite tight shell.
Mainly used for decorations and salads.
They are mined in August and September.
Sockeye caviar:

Very small eggs, no more than 4 mm.
Dark red color, heterogeneous.
With a slight bitter taste and a pronounced smell. It seems this flaw makes it truly unique.
They are mined in June and July.
Very rarely on sale due to the mass destruction of this fish.

Red salmon caviar has an extremely rich range of flavors and tastes like red fish meat. It is so tender that, in the literal sense of the word, it melts in your mouth.

Chum salmon caviar has an unsurpassed creamy flavor. Its characteristic is a delicate shell. That easily explodes in the mouth, creating a surprising effect and a gustatory pleasure at the same time.

After comparing all this, it should be noted that:

Keta is a product more suitable for fish lovers, a little creamy, full of flavor.
Sockeye salmon is a choice for true gourmets who will appreciate its distinctive bitter taste and long, refined aftertaste.
But which is better, you decide, as you know, there are no companions for taste and color.

In both species, and in addition, in large volumes they contain:

Minerals: manganese, iron, calcium, potassium, folic acid, phosphorus.
Fatty acids - Omega-3, Omega-6, are especially valuable for a person and his cardiovascular system. On 100 gr. product 13.8 gr.
Vitamins: E, C, PP, B, A - all of them can significantly increase immunity.
Easily digested by the body - proteins.
A powerful aphrodisiac - improves potency in men and libido in women.
But there are some similarities: Sockeye salmon is particularly rich in iodine, which means it is indicated for thyroid disease and the prevention of iodine deficiency. And in the chum salmon contains more than in other types - quickly digestible fatty acids.

An interesting and proven fact is that the nutrients it contains slow down the aging process. It has a unique composition of vitamins and minerals and great nutritional value for the human body.

The caloric content of chum salmon (granular) will be equal to: 250 kcal per 100 g.
Calorie red salmon (granular): 243 kcal per 100 g.

It is necessary to limit its consumption to people:

prone to edema;
suffer from hypertension;
coronary heart disease.
with kidney disease.
Due to the high salt content, the recommended dose is no more than once a week and no more than two teaspoons. Those who are overweight and diet should take into consideration its high calorie content. And therefore limit their consumption.

Preservatives, which are used in its production, can also cause harm to the body. But without which it is impossible to do it. Add more corn or vegetable oil, sorbic acid, urotropin. If you don't eat too much, there will be no harm, only benefits.

cost of
Standard jar from 135 to 145 g. costs an average of $ 8 to $ 15.

It is not for nothing that chum salmon caviar is called royal, probably because it is the most delicious. A coarse grain and a complete lack of taste make it especially desirable. Enjoy your meal!

The secrets of delicacies are known only to true gourmets and how wonderful it is when they willingly share with them. When buying red salmon caviar or chum, you want to understand what is best, most useful and most profitable. This question has repeatedly tormented the keepers of the hearth. It's time to figure it out.

Red salmon differences from caviar and salmon

To date, four varieties of red caviar are known: red salmon, pink salmon, coho salmon and chum salmon. Each has its own characteristics and, of course, the disadvantages.

Hence, the brilliant difference between red salmon caviar and salmon is that it has small grains that resemble salmon caviar. In turn, keto grains are as large as pink salmon. They have a bright orange red color and are rich in proteins, which are easily absorbed by the human body. This caviar is considered one of the best delicacies. Its disadvantage can be called a high calorific value. Therefore, up to 300 calories are lost per 100 g of product.

Red salmon caviar contains many various vitamins and microelements. So, these are vitamins of group B, A, D. It also contains a large number of copper, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and iron.

And although the grain size does not exceed 4 mm, it has a fascinating red color. Among its shortcomings, it can be noted, but quite significant: red salmon caviar is somewhat bitter. This, in turn, makes it unique, and therefore not everyone can taste a delicacy that cannot be said about salmon caviar.

Which caviar is better: red salmon or salmon?
Sockeye salmon caviar is a great fish delicacy, the grain size of which can vary. Also, if you find caviar of a heterogeneous color in a jar, you shouldn't think that you have been stuffed with a fake. Indeed, the caviar of this fish, unlike the keta, does not have a uniform color.

Chum salmon caviar, like pink salmon, is today considered the most delicious. The main explanation for this is the lack of bitterness and coarse grain.

"- a tasty, healthy and affordable product. Our company operates in Moscow and provides direct deliveries of fresh, high-quality caviar.

Red caviar is one of the traditional products for our country. For a long time, it was not only a delicacy, but also a very scarce commodity. In the 1970s and 1980s it was almost impossible to buy a jar of caviar from the counter.

One of the most sought after species is sockeye caviar. Its spicy taste with a slight bitterness was to the liking of many gourmets. Sockeye salmon is a large fish of the salmon family that lives in the waters of Kamchatka, off the coasts of Sakhalin and Japan, in Alaska and several other regions.

All about red salmon caviar
Caviar is usually quite small. Most grains can be no more than 5mm in diameter. Eggs of 3-4 mm are often found. Therefore, people who are poorly versed in the problem often think that this is not real red caviar. The shell is less dense than that of pink salmon caviar.
The color can vary from red-orange to deep red.

Many caviar companies forget or do not knowingly indicate which fish caviar was used. At the same time, GOST clearly states that this information should be. If you buy a metal jar, you can find out the origin of its contents only after opening the package. In this regard, glass jars are more convenient. In them you can see the size, color, integrity, check the absence of excess liquids, impurities and sediments.

When choosing caviar, always pay attention to the packaging and everything written on it. We're interested in:

Date of manufacture and shelf life;
Address and other contact details of the manufacturer;
Availability of raw material data. In particular, it is necessary for the manufacturer to indicate which fish roe is used.

Sockeye salmon are laid from late May to early October, sometimes even in November. But it is generally accepted that the best caviar is August. The shelf life of caviar cannot exceed 1 year (with preservatives). The product without the use of preservatives can remain in unopened packaging for no more than 4 months.
As soon as the package is opened, the period is reduced to one week.

Keeping caviar at home should be in the refrigerator. Do not use the freezer for this purpose. Otherwise, the taste of red salmon caviar is lost, the eggs burst, the product loses its beneficial properties. Use tightly closed containers or glass / ceramic dishes with lids.

Such a product contains polyunsaturated fatty acids and easily digestible proteins. also sockeye caviar It is a source of vitamins, micro and macro elements:

Thiamine (B1) - 0.5 mg.;
Vitamin PP - 7.5 mg.;
Vitamin A - 0.4 mg.;
Riboflavin (B2) - 0.4 mg .;
Ascorbic acid (C) - 2.1 mg;
Tocopherol (E) - 3 mg.;
Phosphorus - 480 mg.;
Sodium - 2280 mg.;
Potassium - 90 mg.;
Calcium - 90 mg.;
Magnesium - 125 mg.;
Sulfur - 313 mg.
Caviar is an excellent source of energy. It is recommended to eat it for recovery after illness and injury, with hypovitaminosis. Helps strengthen immunity, normalize metabolism. Such a tasty therapy will appeal to everyone who is tired of pills.

The caloric content of red salmon per 100 g is 238 kcal. In this case, you can not be afraid of your figure. The proteins and fats it contains are very well absorbed by the body.
In terms of nutrition and energy value, this product surpasses the best fresh meat in its head.

Caviar in your kitchen
Let's not be smart: most of us don't buy caviar to replenish our vitamins or minerals. We love this wonderful taste that cannot be compared to anything.

Many people use this product for making snacks, salads, decorating holiday dishes. With this caviar you can make sandwiches and tartlets. For pancakes, pink salmon caviar is best suited.

Try the canapes with salmon, horseradish, herbs and butter with red salmon caviar. The taste is amazing.With this dish you can surprise guests.

In general, snacks from fish, seafood go very well with caviar. With a little imagination, you can create real culinary masterpieces without even looking at books or the Internet. Vegetables, greens, boiled eggs, avocados - all this is used successfully.

To purchase a fresh, high-quality product, submit an application. Tsar-caviar LLC makes direct deliveries of all types of red caviar. Muscovites have long been convinced that our products are always natural and very tasty. You can buy sockeye caviar from Moscow at an affordable price.

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